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The Turrican Fanon is a creative-writing site based on making realistic encyclopedic articles for fictional ideas for the Turrican game series. The gist is that anyone can create entertainment they conceptualize without needing to actually program or produce it.

Though we highly encourage creativity here, we do, sometimes, enforce article standards to filter out low-quality work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the point of writing about fake games?

Turrican Fanon is a wiki for creating articles about games and stories that we think of. This lets us share these ideas, without needing the time and skill to follow through on making them real products. We don't do this to trick people; it's mostly a creative exercise and a labor of love to our favorite franchises. If you like coming up with ideas for upcoming games and movies, you already get our appeal!

Just to be clear on the word "fanon"…

In most circles, fanon refers to widely-accepted headcanon about a certain series. Here, fanon just means a fictional or imaginary piece of media. Likewise, you might think of a fangame as a playable fan-made videogame. It's slang for an article about a game idea.

Is this game real?

Again, Turrican Fanon is a wiki for imaginary game ideas… mostly. Our encyclopedic style means we write about our ideas as if they exist, regardless of whether they do.


This is a fanon wiki, meaning that its contents are created purely from the imaginations of its users. These articles do not depict actual games and should not be treated as if they do.

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